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Street was getting smokey from the dudes burnout and another bloke doin’ the street run on the back wheel leaving the message “DO YOU EVEN LIFT?” … Once we entered the “The Vic” stickers of the MICKEYS RIDERS CLUB , white custom built, lamb cooking on the spit and a big crowd seriously staring and admiring the beauty of more than forty custom built two wheels showered the amazing vibe of THROTTLE ROLL SYDNEY 2015.

I could hear blokes sayin’ shud’ve been here yesterday bro ; was massive and street itself resembled the show.., and the chuckles to follow. oh well!!! for a moment oh wait !!! was more than moment i stood there overwhelmed. From a very early Harley to a latest Royal Enfield were dressed up really well.. or may be really well could be an understatement. BMW , YAMAHA , KTM , HONDA , KAWASAKI , MOTO GUCCI just looked like a badge , they were presented at its finest. No matter the bobber, cafe racer, scrambler or the cruiser all of them had a reflection of time, $$$$$, brain spent very well. Every single ride gave me goose bumps along with uttering wow frequently.

Shows like THROTTLE ROLL is an absolute pleasure for motorcycle lovers. It is a therapy. May throttle roll continue for ever.

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