As I got the key handed over for the Harley, first thing comes in my mind is an American popular two wheeler which is a dream of lot. I am definitely stoked to ride it. Well but I should obviously mention that I am not really a HARLEY DAVIDSON person yet. HD’s are one of the most popular motorcycle ever made. Lots of people including those who donot ride, they know about what Harley’s are. And also there are HOGS who live on these American machine. It indeed is a strong brand. Also the name is quite cool, which is derived from the year Harley’s Model S was first released with its peanut tank that provided the model with its look. The charm , the fame and the name of HD’s has always attracted me but never ridden one till this day.

Staring into the Harley, the big fat front tyres are quite attractive and 1200cc air cooled Evolution engine defines the exploding department of power. For me it is the best model in Harley-Davidson range. Awesome thing about the 48 for me is the seat height of 660mm which is the great thing for heights like mine. Comfy solo seat, different switch function, bit of a noise with forward control took a while to gain the coordination with my hands , foot and brain. As I push the throttle I realized that it is a head turner. And I scream within myself, “hElL YeaH I’m RidIn’ A hArLeY” . Now am doin’ 80kmph n it feels good. For two days I just thought of getting used to doin’ urban rides.

So the day three and I take the 1200cc monster to the NSW’s one of the most favoured road by motorcyclist towards Mount White ( The Old Road Cafe) following the pacific highway. Though with no wind protection at all 48 is very stable even in the windy road. But thinking about the chilly winter this may not be the choice to ride on longer highways. Dealing with few humps I was forced a little behind the seat that makes me more attentive towards the base of road than I am at usual. Despite this I feel like I could do the world tour on this. I think and keep thinking while riding.

The offered torque of 96Nm @3.5k rpm is quite satisfactory and my first experience with belt final drive is nice and tight. I need to take it to the highway to taste the every five gears but each of them are easy roll.the hardest part was the fuel tank of 7.9 Ltrs making me think that am gonna run out of fuel in the middle of the highway and imagining pushing it towards the petrol station. Lucky me that didn’t happen but left me frightened all the time. Surprisingly 1200cc made 20km per litre on the highway. I’d love to have it a bit noisier like how we think about loud harleys. I could handle this this bike pretty well, its even easier with the height that makes me not too loose any loop within the traffic. The heavy feeling of changing that gears reminds me of classic bullets. Never had the luxury of ABS before , trying this one proves to be an worthy option. Unlike others with the digital display of speed and the analoge of the rpm this has the analogue speedometer giving the classic feel , small digital display which can be toggled around Rpm/gear indicators, time and distance travelled. And I love changing through it. The electronic fob based ignition gives the pleasure of leaving the key in the pocket and pressing the starter button.

Things like under bar mirror which some might say an impractical choice but I’d say it is a style. I felt the scrap of foot pegs while taking a good lean still has a good balance. Twisting the throttle at time gave the pleasure all the time. The limited fuel tank capacity pulls behind to plan the trip wisely. Even with all the pleasure of ridin’ it cannot be called pragmative, guess what !! it doesn’t have to be. It’s about the way of living. The bull dog looks of the motorbike delivers the respect of LIFESTYLE. Great for the urban ride , cruising around the town and delivering some style around the parking lot.

Last but not the least, five days with 48 hasn’t turned me into the HARLEY GUY, But sure did enjoy my time with it.


Length – 2,255 mm
Seat Height, Laden – 660mm
Seat Height, Unladen – 710 mm
Ground Clearance – 100 mm
Rake (steering head) (deg) – 30
Trail – 107 mm
Wheelbase – 1,520 mm
Fuel Capacity – 7.9 l
Weight, As Shipped Weight – 245 kg
Weight, In Running Order – 255 kg

Engine – Air-cooled, Evolution®
Bore – 88.9 mm
Stroke – 96.8 mm
Displacement – 1,202 cc
Compression Ratio – 10:01
Fuel System – Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)

Engine Torque – 96 Nm
Engine Torque (rpm) – 3,500
Lean Angle, Right (deg.) – 27.8
Lean Angle, Left (deg.) – 26.1
Fuel Economy: Combined City/Hwy – 4.9 l/100km

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