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Genesis adventures is our adventure wing to explore Nepal on wheels. Started with curiosity and a few to many motorbike trips, Genesis adventure was established to share the thrill of riding and driving across Nepal.

The initial ignition sparked with the motorbike trips, which with proper planning has grown up to bigger adventures and more logistically involved exploration journeys.

We are a team of good young people who has dedicated their lives and careers to becoming a leading adventure travel group in the country.

Come join us to discover amazing places of Nepal and experience a lifetime adventure!

Upper Mustang

It is one of the most interesting and popular rides in Nepal.
An adventurous off-road riding experience.
Blog : Click here / Video : Watch it here


Nice and Mellow: Just a couple of rides in and around
the best places in the capital.
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We often organize short or long rides to explore new routes to picturesque destinations. If you are interested to join,
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Discover amazing places in Nepal; we can help plan your perfect trip!
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