Our team are currently working on the long term support understanding that this is one of the most essential requirements now.  We wanted to work on the locations where relief had not reached and on the working areas which is very important. We, together, decided to support in rebuilding a school which, we believe, in the long run will be very much beneficial to the whole community.

If you want to learn about our previous support during the quake; please click here.

The Location:

Our research led us to Sindhupalchowk (It is one of the worst hit districts) where a school named Shree Bramayani Prathimik Bidhayala was badly damaged due to the earthquake. We inspected the school and concluded that this school definitely needs to be rebuilt. Here are some images of the school:

School Rebuilding (1)

School Rebuilding (2)

School Rebuilding (3)
School Rebuilding (4)

School Rebuilding (5)

School Rebuilding (6)

School Rebuilding (7)

School Rebuilding (8)

Brief about the school:

The school is located at Batase – 3, chalise, Sindhulapchwok which is approximately 80KM from the capital. It was established in the year 2064 and the school currently runs up to class 3.

Due to the earthquake, the school building could not be used, hence, the students were reading in a small tent (as shown in the image):




What next:

We immediately then, sat with our civil engineer friend Mr. Amrit Prajuli, who did a rough sketch of the structure that would be ideal for the building the school. We then discussed about the materials required, the delivery the time required and every minor details for re-building the school.  Our team immediately came into action and started to work on delivering the materials required to rebuild the school.


The materials have been purchased, transportation has been arranged, and the delivery has been made. Here are some images:
Delivery (1)

Delivery (2)

Delivery (3)

Delivery (4)

Delivery (5)

Here are some images of the reconstruction:


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